Our goal is to provide you with the best property management services available

Here at Six Rivers we have the most updated Yardi software for property management. Accountants will only need the year-end cash flow statements to prepare your tax returns.

Management fees carry between 7% to 10% of the monthly rent, depending on the location and the total number of units.

We manage income property from the standpoint of ownership instead of caretaker.

Services we perform as a Property Manager

Marketing: Advertising, determine rent, devising promotional strategies.

Merchandising Vacant Units: Each vacancy is analyzed separately for its unique features translating into benefits for prospective tenants.

Screening Tenants: A critical function. Knowledge of discrimination laws, Federal and State Fair Housing Laws, California and Federal Consumer Credit Protection Laws, and the use of legal enforceable forms.

Collecting Rents: Owners expect property managers to collect rent every month in full and on time.

Paying Bills: Paying mortgage payments, utility bills, property taxes, insurance payments, vendors and maintenance men all in a timely manner to protect the credibility of the owner.

Supervising Maintenance: Property managers must verify that any maintenance performed is thorough and cost-effective.

Bookkeeping: Property Managers are required to report every instance of income and expense, to keep complete records for tax purposes and to be accountable to the owners Accountant or Bookkeeper.

Reporting to Owners: A formal income and expense statement is provided monthly.

Notices: Serving of all legal notices to tenants. From walk-thrus, 3-day notice to pay or quit, 3-day notice to perform, 30-day to terminate to unlawful detainer and writ of possession. And the knowledge to follow through with each one and perform.

Evictions: Knowledge with unlawful detainers, at-issue memorandums, writ of possessions and money judgments. To stand up in a Court of Law and protect the owner and his property.

Small Claims Actions: To be able to follow through with collecting from co-signers or tenants who abandon or leave the property still owing money for rent or damages.