Property Management will make you money if done professionally

For those of you who have taken care of your own rentals, you know what kind of a nightmare it may become.  From renting to family members and friends to having to have a dumpster delivered to haul off garbage, calling it a nightmare may be a mild description. Walking through your home you used to live in and seeing the damage your tenants have left behind can cause you to feel that the rental business is not for you.  Instead of making money, you’ve lost big time.  Attorney fees, immeasurable loss of real property, eviction costs, and not to mention, your peace of mind.  You may feel you can make more money by leaving the property vacant than risking another tenancy. 

Or, you may feel like you’re the lucky one.  You have had the same tenants for 10 years with no problems.  Yet, in reality, you may have lost thousands of dollars.  Your lost rents are most likely your tenants down payment on their new home.

Most successful landlords retain professional, affordable assistance.  Fees, in most cases, are based on collected rents.  My service will usually save you a lot of time and money in the long run.